Pumps & Sprayers
Extended Service Protection- Claim Submission

For safety reasons, certain pumps and sprayers cannot be brought back to our stores for returns or exchanges once they've been opened. A list of these items is included here. If your item is listed and has failed within your Extended Service Protection (ESP) coverage period, please complete and submit this form. Please note that your ESP coverage begins at the conclusion of the 90 day manufacturer’s warranty period and ends in 1 or 2 years, depending on the type of service protection plan purchased. All fields must be filled in accurately or we may be unable to process your claim. Please allow several business days for your submission to be reviewed. If you have questions on how to complete the below form, see Form Completion Guide here.

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Product Return InforMATION

Please enter the SKU number of the pump or sprayer product for which you’re filing an ESP Claim. To file an ESP Claim, you must have purchased an ESP SKU on your product which will be listed on your receipt. ESP SKU # is a required field to submit a claim.

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ESP Claims are fulfilled with either a replacement product or a Harbor Freight Tools gift card for the purchase price of the claimed pump or sprayer. Once claims are approved and processed, replacement product or gift card fulfillment can take 1-2 weeks for you to receive in the mail. Once a claim is processed on your product, the ESP coverage for that product is fulfilled.

If you have additional Pumps & Sprayers ESP claims to file, please submit a new claim submission for each.

Before submitting your form, please review all entries for accuracy.